Why Shop Local?

Below are a few reasons for shopping and buying locally in NYS

  1. Economic Benefits:
    Products made in New York State and purchased by New Yorkers keeps our money in state
    • Almost half the dollars spent in small locally owned NY businesses returns back to the community
    • By boosting your local economy you can help increase both you and your neighbor's standard of living
    • A local merchant is more likely to be spend locally therefore potentially benefitting your business
    • Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and in your community
  2. Social Benefits:
    Purchasing local is about personal relationships and can strengthen a city, town, village and community
    • If you buy items or services from a locally run business, you can interact with the folks who make and service the product
    • Large chains sell goods which are many times imported from foreign (sometimes hostile) countries
    • Local businesses are owned by folks who live in your area, and are more interested in your town, village or city’s future
  3. Environmental Benefits:
    Buying products and services from far off places means longer transportation routes
    • Buying locally reduces environmental footprint
    • NYS environmental guidelines are generally (a tad bit) stricter than say China or India
  4. Improved Service:
    • Many local businesses hire employees with a deeper understanding of the products they sell. They also tend to take an interest in getting to know their customers which fosters longer term relationships
  5.  Heritage:
    • Unique one-of-a-kind small businesses are a vital part of the distinctive character of their hometown, community and local culture
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